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A blood test to personalize treatment for depression & bipolar disorder


Key points from article :

Researchers offers a promising blood test aimed at a precision medicine approach to treatment.

Composed of RNA biomarkers that can distinguish depression, risk of developing severe depression, and future bipolar disorder.

The test also informs tailored medication choices for patients.

Study took place over four years, with over 300 participants.

Observing both high and low mood states–each time recording biological markers in their blood.

Validated top 26 candidate biomarkers of clinically severe people with depression or mania.

“These blood tests can open the door to precise, personalized medications, and objective monitoring of response to treatment," - Alexander B. Niculescu, lead researcher.

Found that mood disorders are underlined by circadian clock genes.

“Blood biomarkers offer real-world clinical practice advantages,” -Niculescu.

Research by Indiana University School of Medicine published in Molecular Psychiatry.

RNA biomarker-based test identifies severity and future risk of developing mood disorders

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Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Neuroscience at Indiana University School of Medicine


University in Indianapolis, Indiana


Peer-reviewed, open access journal