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20 tips to get a good night's sleep during hot summer nights


Key points from article :

A good night’s sleep is important in order to repair and re-balance the body physically and mentally.

A fractional temperature difference between our body and our brain is important for a good sleep.

Use high quality, thin, pure cotton for bedding material and pyjamas.

Avoid eating too much protein that will increase your metabolic rate and heat your body.

Exercise in the morning rather than evening to stop your body getting too hot.

Keep windows and curtains closed during the day to keep the house cooler.

To keep hydrated drink about half a pint of water before bed, but no more than that.

Rub a menthol stick on your forehead to help cool down if you wake up at night.

Avoid cuddling up to your partner, sleep on separate beds - the room is hot enough already!

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