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Yili Group

Largest dairy company in China.

As the largest dairy producer and the dairy producer with the fullest product-lines in China, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd has been providing healthy and nutritional dairy products for years. And Yili is the only dairy producer that has served both the Olympic Games and the World Expo in China. In 2015, Yili’s annual revenue reached 60 billion yuan for the first time and the net profit was 4.654 billion yuan, both continued to rise and ranked No.1 in the industry. So far, Yili has invested in New Zealand, cooperated with Italian dairy giant Sterilgarda Alimenti S.p.A., launched the highest standard overseas R&D Center in the Netherlands and developed a broad cooperation with companies and research institutes in USA. On September 2015, thanks to the strong push by both Chinese and American leaders, Sino-American Food Wisdom Valley was born amid active agricultural cooperation between the two countries and the project is mainly executed by Yili Group. Yili’s partners include top Ivy League schools in America, world top 10 universities, and world’s best universities, colleges, and research institutes specialized in agriculture, management and life science.

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Yili Group News

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