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Whole Body Super Longevity

Coalition for Radical Life Extension webinar on how to enable longevity with Sergey Young and Dr David Minkhoff as speakers


The Coalition for Radical Life Extension, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, presents a new installment of its webinar series, Eyes on the Prize: Whole Body Super Longevity.

The art of staying alive— Dealing with disease in the context of super longevity

Featuring guest speakers:
-Sergey Young, Longevity investor and visionary
-Dr. David Minkoff, Board certified physician, author of The Perfect Protein

Hosted by:
-James Strole, Coalition for Radical Life Extension, Director
-Bernadeane, People Unlimited Inc, Co-founder

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See also: Institute Coalition for Radical Life Extension - US based not-for-profit organisation that promotes life extension and organises RAADfest

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David Minkoff

Expert in Alternative Health, Integrative Medicine and Infectious Disease and author

Sergey Young

Author and Longevity investor and visionary.