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University of Texas Health

A campus in University of Texas that consists of five schools to train healthcare professionals

Ours is a story of discovery. Compassion and joy. Commitment, vision and inspiration. We engage our minds and talents, and give from our hearts, to help and heal. We touch the lives of thousands, to serve those in need, here and around the world. We are The UT Health Science Center - and we work to make lives better.

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Details last updated 01-Dec-2019

University of Texas Health News

Umbilical cord blood derived plasma improves health biomarkers (LEAF) - 06-Sep-2022

Plasma concentrate alters methylation clock reducing biological age


Ageless Rx to investigate role of Rapamycin in human longevity

Longevity Technology - 12-Nov-2020

Set to launch Participatory Evaluation of Aging with Rapamycin for Longevity (PEARL) trial


Sit less and move more to lower risk of cancer death

MD Anderson Cancer Center - 18-Jun-2020

Light, moderate, or vigorous physical activities will make a big difference


Treating with rapamycin improves blood flow to the brain in rats

Science Daily - 06-Nov-2019

Blood circulation in the brain didn't deteriorate even a bit for 15 months


Senescent cells: short safety trial on humans successful

Science Daily - 07-Jan-2019

Next step is to go to an actual large-scale human trial