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UK SPINE 2021 Annual conference

Series of events focused on research and innovation in geroscience and ageing therapeutics organized by UK SPINE.

21-Apr-2021 to 23-Apr-2021

Join us at our 3rd annual symposium, which will deliver a series of online events focused on research and innovation in geroscience and ageing therapeutics.

It will be held from 21st April 2021 to 23rd April 2021.

Some of the speakers at the Conference are:

• Andrew J. Scott

• Beverly Vaughan

• Chas Bountra

• Frédérique Bone

• Graeme Wilkinson

• Graham Russell

• Heather Draper

• Helen Knowles

• Ivan Pavlov

• James Edwards

• Janet Lord

• Jesse Coker

• John P. Overington

• Karl Morten

• Lynne Cox

• Malcolm Skingle

• Martino Picardo

• Michael M. Hopkins

• Mike Ferguson

• Phil Clare

• Philip Atherton

• Ranulf Crooke

• Sara Ward

• Satomi Miwa

• Stuart Redding

• Thomas Jackson

• Wen Hwa Lee

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Details last updated 17-Apr-2021

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Mentioned in this Resource

Andrew Scott

Professor of Economics at London Business School, Co-founder of The Longevity Forum

Beverley Vaughan

Programme Director at UKSPINE and University of Oxford.

Chas Bountra

Professor of Translational Medicine at the University of Oxford.

Frédérique Bone

Director of MSc Science and Technology Policy, SPRU, University of Sussex and Research Fellow at SPRU, University of Sussex.

Graeme Wilkinson

Head of Virtual Drug Discovery at Medicines Discovery Catapult.

Graham Russell

Emeritus Professor of Musculoskeletal Pharmacology, Oxford and Sheffield Universities.

Heather Draper

Professor of Bioethics at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick.

Helen Knowles

Research Fellow at Oxford University.

Ivan Pavlov

Population and Systems Medicine Board Secretary and Lead on Multimorbidity at Medical Research Council.

James Edwards

Associate Professor at the University of Oxford.

Janet Lord

Professor of Immune Cell Biology at University of Birmingham.

Jesse Coker

DPhil Candidate at the University of Oxford.

John P. Overington

Chief informatics Officer at the Medicines Discovery Catapult.

Karl Morten

Principle Investigator at the University of Oxford.

Lynne Cox

Molecular cell biologist studying the biology of ageing and age-related diseases.

Malcolm Skingle

Director, Academic Liaison at the GlaxoSmithKline.

Martino Picardo

Chairman at the VisusNano.

Michael (Mike) Ferguson

Regius Professor of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee.

Michael M. Hopkins

Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Sussex Business School.

Phil Clare

Deputy Director, Research Services at University of Oxford.