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Andrew Scott

Professor of Economics at London Business School, Co-founder of The Longevity Forum

Andrew J. Scott is Professor of Economics at London Business School having previously held positions at Oxford University, London School of Economics and Harvard University. His work focuses on the economics of longevity and he is the co-author of “The 100 Year Life” and “The New Long Life”. He was Managing Editor for the Royal Economic Society’s Economic Journal and Non-Executive Director for the UK’s Financial Services Authority 2009-2013. He is currently on the advisory board of the UK’s Office for Budget Responsibility, the Cabinet Office Honours Committee (Science and Technology), co-founder of The Longevity Forum, a member of the WEF council on Healthy Ageing and Longevity and a consulting scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Longevity. Andrew is also the recipient of an ESRC grant for researching the economic longevity dividend.

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See also: Institute The Longevity Forum - UK not-for-profit initiative committed to achieving longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives

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29-Nov-2023 to 30-Nov-2023

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Andrew Scott Blog Posts

Genflow Seeks Investors for Novel SIRT6 DNA Repair Anti-Ageing Therapy

Genflow Seeks Investors for Novel SIRT6 DNA Repair Anti-Ageing Therapy

Great to see a startup willing to explicitly state they are treating ageing itself as a disease

Andrew Scott Creations

The Longevity Imperative


How to Build a Healthier and More Productive Society to Support Our Longer Lives, written by Andrew Scott

The 100 Year Life – Living and Working in an Age of Longevity


Self-help book written by Andrew J Scott and Lynda Gratton, teaching us how to turn greater life expectancy into a gift

The New Long Life


Book about living longer, smarter and happier life written by Andrew J. Scott and Lynda Gratton

Andrew Scott News

Extending quality life years: insights from the Global Healthspan Summit 2023

Live Forever Club - 16-Mar-2024

Event focused on extending quality life years through scientific innovation


Treatments that delay ageing could be worth trillions of dollars to the US alone

World Economic Forum - 15-Jul-2021

As more people live longer (lifespan) it is essential that their health keeps up too (healthspan)


Interdisciplinary forum on longevity urges policy rethink

Forbes - 24-Dec-2019

Good to see pressure starting to build to handle the coming fundamental changes to society