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Tzipi Strauss

Director of Department of Neonatology, Edmond & Lily Safra Children Hospital, Sheba Medical Center

Professor Strauss is a highly accomplished pediatrician and neonatology specialist, with a wealth of experience in her field. She received her medical degree from the Rappaport Institute of Technology in Haifa, and holds an MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health. In addition, she holds a Professor degree from Tel Aviv University.

For over a decade, Professor Strauss has served as the Director of the Neonatology Department at Sheba Medical Center. In this role, she has published numerous articles and reviews in her field, and has been a member of numerous committees in her area of expertise. 

In the last two years, Professor Strauss has taken on the responsibility of developing one of the first academic and clinical research centers for longevity in a public hospital. The Longevity Academic Center, which Professor Strauss leads, aims to improve our understanding of aging and longevity, and to identify opportunities for improving the quality of life and function in older age. The center focuses on the study of health and wellness from young adulthood through the centenarian age group (45-100 years old), including cutting edge diagnostic techniques, the analysis and monitoring of health biomarkers, and the study of multidisciplinary interventions.

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