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Thomas Oxley

CEO of Synchron, Co-head Vascular Bionics laboratory at the University of Melbourne

Thomas Oxley is the chief executive officer of Synchron and neurointerventionist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Established the Vascular Bionics laboratory at the University of Melbourne and is currently co-head of this lab. Bachelor's degrees in medical science, medicine and surgery from the University of Monash in Melbourne Australia. Doctorate degrees in philosophy and neuroscience from the University of Melbourne

Visit website:,Melbourne%20and%20is%20currently%20co-head%20of%20this%20lab.



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Details last updated 09-Nov-2020

Thomas Oxley News

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Stentrode is an endovascular electrode array implanted through the blood vessels


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MobiHealthNews - 29-Jul-2021

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Independent - 04-Nov-2020

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