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Brain computer interface company

Synchron is a clinical-stage neurovascular bioelectronics medicine company. The company has pioneered an interventional neuromodulation platform and is developing the world’s first minimally-invasive motor neuroprosthesis, the Stentrode. The company is also developing endovascular neuromodulation solutions for the potential treatment of Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, depression and hypertension, among other disorders.

July-2022: Bloomberg reported that Synchron implanted a device into the brain of an ALS patient at Mount Sinai West medical center on July 6,. 

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Details last updated 11-Nov-2020

People at Synchron

Peter Yoo

Senior Director, Neuroscience at Synchron

Max Hodak

CEO of Science and investor in Synchron

Thomas Oxley

CEO of Synchron, Co-head Vascular Bionics laboratory at the University of Melbourne

Synchron News

Synchron's BCI device offers new hope for communication in paralyzed patients

IEEE Spectrum - 20-Dec-2023

Non-invasive neural device leads via blood vessel while Neuralink awaits human trials


Synchron’s brain implant that helps turn thoughts into text

CNBC - 18-Feb-2023

Stentrode is an endovascular electrode array implanted through the blood vessels


Synchron gets investment from Neuralink cofounder

Futurism - 07-Feb-2022

Appears to be ahead in the race as already started human trials


Synchron helps paralysed patients control digital devices with thoughts alone

MobiHealthNews - 29-Jul-2021

Implantable brain computer interface received FDA approval for human trials in US