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The Lancet Neurology

The Lancet Neurology is the leading journal in clinical neurology.

The Lancet Neurology was launched in May, 2002, and is a lively monthly journal of original research, review, opinion, and news covering international issues relevant to neurologists worldwide.

The Lancet Neurology considers any original research contribution that advocates change in, or illuminates, neurological clinical practice, and publishes interesting and informative reviews on any topic connected with neurology. The journal publishes a range of article types that encompass all aspects of neurological medicine: Reflection and Reaction, In Context, Article, Review, Meta-analysis, Rapid Review, and Personal View. Manuscripts must be solely the work of the author(s) stated, must not have been previously published elsewhere, and must not be under consideration by another journal.

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The Lancet Neurology News

Simple blood testing to detect Alzheimer's disease

Futurity - 12-May-2020

This discovery could greatly reduce costs of diagnosing and studying the disease


High blood pressure "critical period"

BBC - 21-Aug-2019

Increases blood pressure between the ages of 36 and 43 were associated with brain shrinkage