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The Future Starts Now

Online event about futurism, from eugenics, unnatural selection and amortality, to the future of work, organized by London Futurists (FREE)


"The Future Starts Now" is a call to action for those who are tired of being caught up in someone else’s future.

The truth is, the future is not fixed. “Exponential growth” is not guaranteed, UBI is not the “only solution” to surviving the “robot uprising”; moving to a Mars colony is not the only way to “save” the human race from climate change; you will probably never own a flying car; and submitting to an omniscient surveillance state is not the only way to protect our babies from the big bad world outside.

We are better – deserve better – and can do better than these limited overly optimistic and overly pessimistic visions will have us believe.

With that thought in mind, Theo Priestley and Bronwyn Williams, together with a carefully selected group of disillusioned futurist colleagues from all over the world, have put together the book "The Future Starts Now", as an apology to future generations – and a warning to our own.

Theo and Bronwyn, along with two of the other authors, Craig Wing and Kate O'Neill, will be joining us to share key recommendations from their chapters, and to answer questions from the London Futurists audience.

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