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The future of thinking about death

Philosopher Ingemar Patrick Linden talks about his new book, The Case Against Death, at this London Futurists online event (FREE)


The central claim of the philosopher Ingemar Patrick Linden is that death is evil. His new book "The Case Against Death" is a comprehensive refutation of the most common arguments in favour of human mortality.

Dr Linden will be speaking to London Futurists at this webinar, sharing key arguments from his book, and answering audience questions.

Linden is a passionate advocate of antiaging science and radical life extension. He believes that we are on the cusp of a new human condition where scientists address aging as an illness that can be cured, and break through the arbitrarily set age limit of human existence. His book, however, is not about the science and technology of life extension. Instead, it's about whether we should want more life. For Linden, the answer is a loud and clear “yes.”

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