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Second Sight

Second Sight develops, manufactures and markets implantable visual prosthetics

The recognized global leader in neuromodulation devices to treat blindness, the company leverages its 20 years of technology innovation to develop devices to treat the broadest population of sight-impaired individuals. Inspired by personal connections with a retinitis pigmentosa diagnosis, Second Sight has researched, designed and created the world’s first FDA and CE Mark approved device for providing artificial vision in people with late-stage RP.

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Details last updated 06-Dec-2019

Second Sight Creations

Argus II

Retinal prosthesis system.


First product approved by FDA for artificial vision

Second Sight News

Lights go off for people with obsolete Second Sight retinal implants

BBC - 17-Feb-2022

No promised upgrades, and no vision at all for some recipients


Restoring sight by sending signals directly to the brain

MIT Technology Review - 06-Feb-2020

Scientists still need to understand how long electrodes can last without degrading


You don’t even need to have eyes for this bionic eye to work

OneZero - 18-Nov-2019

Brain implant is composed of 60 electrodes which sit on the visual cortex


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The Globe and Mail - 22-Apr-2018

iBionics is working to improve the effectiveness of vision-restoring technology. Diamond Eye imp...


Blind Patients to Test Bionic Eye Brain Implants

MIT Technology Review - 18-Sep-2017

The company, Second Sight, is launching a clinical trial for a brain implant designed to restore...


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