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Lights go off for people with obsolete Second Sight retinal implants

No promised upgrades, and no vision at all for some recipients


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Hundreds of people have Second Sight Argus II retinal implants which are now obsolete.

Company is planning to merge with Nano Precision Medical to focus on a brain implant (Orion) instead.

IEEE Spectrum reports that Second Sight discontinued its retinal implants in 2019.

Argus II used an implanted electrode array behind the retina which receives a signal from the user's glasses.

"Those of us with this implant are figuratively and literally in the dark," said one user.

Company has promised to "provide virtual support," but no repairs or replacements are possible.

Ethical considerations around such technology should in future include "autonomy, dignity, and accountability" - Elizabeth Renieris, professor of technology ethics.

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Nano Precision Medical

Biopharmaceutical company with varied pipeline. Merger planned with Second Sight 2022.

Second Sight

Second Sight develops, manufactures and markets implantable visual prosthetics

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