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iBionics' Diamond Eye has 4x resolution of Argus II


Key points from article :

iBionics is working to improve the effectiveness of vision-restoring technology.

Diamond Eye implant can help blind people recover a new level of visual clarity.

Works similarly to the Argus II, with a few key differences.

256 electrodes means recipients will be able to see facial details.

Measures about four by four millimetres square and one millimetre thick.

Could be implanted in two hours with only local anesthetic.

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Flavio Rezende

Associate Professor in Department of Ophthalmology at University of Montreal.


Company developing wireless bionic vision solution for blind people.

Second Sight

Second Sight develops, manufactures and markets implantable visual prosthetics

Steven Prawer

Chief Technology Officer at iBIONICS.

Suzanne Grant

Chief Executive Officer at Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.

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