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Ramez Naam

Computer scientist, futurist, angel investor, American technologist and science fiction writer

Ramez Naam is a former Microsoft executive, an entrpreneur, and the co-Chair for Energy and Environment at Singularity University. He’s also the award winning author of five books, including the Nexus trilogy of science fiction novels. Ramez spent 13 years at Microsoft, where he led teams working on machine learning, information retrieval, and internet scale systems.

Ramez speaks around the world on innovation, the disruptive power of exponential technology, and how organizations can adapt and thrive in an era of technological disruption. Ramez has become a globally recognized expert on and a highly sought after speaker about the future of solar energy.

Ramez also specializes in the disruption clean energy and related technologies are bringing to the $6 trillion energy, transportation, food, and water industries.

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Ramez Naam Blog Posts

Nexus Book Review (Ramez Naam)

Nexus Book Review (Ramez Naam)

A thought-provoking book with the same thorough detail given to the near future as Iain M. Banks does to the far future culture universe.

Ramez Naam Creations

More Than Human: Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement


More Than Human is about our growing power to alter our minds, bodies, and lifespans through technology, written by Ramez Naam

Nexus Trilogy


Postcyberpunk thriller novel by Ramez Naam. Winner of the Prometheus Award



Postcyberpunk thriller novel written by Ramez Naam



Postcyberpunk thriller novel written by Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam News

The Future Business of Body Shops

Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) - 15-Nov-2015

Excellent discussion on how cybernetics, 3D printing and the biohacking movement will change the ...