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Nexus Trilogy

Postcyberpunk thriller novel by Ramez Naam. Winner of the Prometheus Award

In the near future, the nano-drug Nexus can link mind to mind. There are some who want to improve it. There are some who want to eradicate it. And there are others who just want to exploit it. When a young scientist is caught improving Nexus, he’s thrust over his head into a world of danger and international espionage, with far more at stake than anyone realizes.


Six months have passed since the release of Nexus 5. The world is a different, more dangerous place.

In the United States, the terrorists - or freedom fighters - of the Post-Human Liberation Front use Nexus to turn men and women into human time bombs aimed at the President and his allies. In Washington DC, a government scientist, secretly addicted to Nexus, uncovers more than he wants to know about the forces behind the assassinations, and finds himself in a maze with no way out.


Global unrest spreads through the US, China, and beyond. Secrets and lies set off shockwaves of anger, rippling from mind to mind. Riot police battle neurally-linked protesters. Armies are mobilized. Political orders fall. Nexus-driven revolution is here.

Against this backdrop, a new breed of post-human children are growing into their powers. And a once-dead scientist, driven mad by her torture, is closing in on her plans to seize planet's electronic systems, and re-forge everything in her image.

Adrian's Review

I've just finished the trilogy and would highly recommend it - the technology, its uses (good and bad) and its political consequences are thoroughly explored and translated into a gripping read. The trilogy lays out one very plausible and scary possible future of humans vs transhumans vs posthumans. And that future could be with us sooner than we think.

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Nexus Trilogy Blog Posts

Nexus Book Review (Ramez Naam)

Nexus Book Review (Ramez Naam)

A thought-provoking book with the same thorough detail given to the near future as Iain M. Banks does to the far future culture universe.