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Queen Mary University of London

Public research university in London, England

Queen Mary has a long, proud and distinctive history built on four historic institutions stretching back to 1785 and beyond.

Our founding institutions are: St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, London Hospital Medical College, Westfield College and Queen Mary College.

All four institutions were founded to improve the lives of people with less privilege. St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College and The London Hospital Medical College were established to improve the health of the local communities in the City and east London. Westfield College and Queen Mary College provided education to women and working class communities in the East End, respectively, at a time when these groups faced extreme barriers to education.

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Details last updated 04-Feb-2019

People at Queen Mary University of London

Dunja Aksentijevic

Reader (Associate Professor) at The William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Manish Saxena

Speciality Research Lead Diabetes North Thames CRN at NIHR Clinical Research Network

Cleo Bishop

Reader in Senescence, Director of the QMUL Phenotypic Screening Facility

Dawn Thompson

Postdoctoral Fellow at William Harvey Research Institute

Asad Shabbir

Cardiology Registrar & Clinical Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London

Steffen Petersen

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Queen Mary University of London and President-Elect for EACVI

Damian Smedley

Professor in Computational Genomics at Queen Mary University of London

Sian Henson

Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London

Hazel Cheeseman

Director of policy, Action on Smoking and Health

Jonathan Grigg

Professor of Paediatric Respiratory and Environmental Medicine at Queen Mary University of London

Ana O'Loghlen

Group Leader at Queen Mary University of London.

Karla Inostroza-Brito

PhD student at Queen Mary University of London.

Kaspar Althoefer

Professor of Robotics Engineering and Head of Centre for Advanced Robotics (ARQ) at Queen Mary University of London.

Emily Burns

Director of the Centre for Public Engagement at Queen Mary University of London.

Peter Hajek

Professor of Clinical Psychology at Queen Mary University of London.

Nay Aung

NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London.

Kenneth Fung

Doctoral Researcher & Specialist Registrar in Cardiology at Queen Mary University.

Jack Cuzick

Professor and research scientist with an interest in cancer prevention

Ivana Sestak

Expert in breast cancer epidemiology

Queen Mary University of London News

Naked mole-rats' genome unveils secrets of their heart health

Queen Mary University of London - 27-Mar-2024

Unique metabolism shields hearts in low-oxygen conditions, offering clues to human heart protection


Anxiety and worry-prone personalities linked to early signs of heart ageing

Independent - 19-Feb-2024

Addressing mental health could help protect heart health in the long term


High-income countries like the UK projected to see 50% increase in cancer cases

Independent - 16-Nov-2023

Smoking tobacco alone results in a loss of at least 20.8 million years of life


Daily glass of beetroot juice (inorganic nitrate) could interrupt harmful inflammation

The Guardian - 09-Jun-2022

Nitric oxide is a potential anti-inflammatory compound for heart patients


Live longer with good health by drinking ground coffee every day

Independent - 10-Feb-2022

Instant coffee had no such benefits but contains twice the amount of possibly harmful acrylamide


Whole genome sequencing: a breakthrough approach to diagnose rare diseases

Guardian - 10-Nov-2021

Screening people at risk of genetic diseases thereby reducing the burden of health care costs


Experts devise newest epigenetic clock for anti-ageing drugs discovery (LEAF) - 03-Jun-2020

Showed impressive results based on experiments in vitro and in vivo, but more work to be done


Scientists develop a new epigenetic clock (LEAF) - 02-Jun-2020

The clock accurately predicts biological age & can help develop anti ageing drugs


Even 25 cups of coffee a day is safe for the heart

Independent - 03-Jun-2019

MRI scans show no detrimental effects on arteries


Even low levels of air pollution can damage heart

BBC - 03-Aug-2018

Scientists found a link between air pollution and larger ventricles in the heart


One cigarette almost always leads to a regular habit

Guardian - 10-Jan-2018

69% of people who try a cigarette end up smoking daily for some period of time. Providing fewer ...


New protein discovered in aging and cancer

Medical Xpress - 07-Mar-2017

Study describes a new way that senescent cells communicate via the expression of integrin membran...