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Sian Henson

Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London

Sian Henson obtained her PhD at Imperial College London in 2000. Subsequently, Sian undertook postdoctoral training with Prof Richard Aspinall at Imperial College investigating the role of IL-7 in thymic atrophy. She then moved to Prof Arne Akbar’s lab at University College London where she directed her focus towards understanding the role of inhibitory receptors during ageing and found that senescence is not passive end-stage processes but is controlled by active signalling pathways. More recently she has become interested in the metabolic requirements of primary human senescent T cells. Sian became a lecturer at the William Harvey Research Institute in 2015 where she has established her own research group investigating the deregulation of T cell metabolism during human ageing and how it maintains an inflammatory deleterious state.  

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See also: Academia Queen Mary University of London - Public research university in London, England

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