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Perspectives on Human Memory and Cognitive Aging

Essays in Honor of Fergus Craik edited by Moshe Naveh-Benjamin

This edited book evolved from a conference held at the University of Toronto in May 2000 in honor of Fergus Craik's retirement from the same university. It focuses on Craik's many scientific contributions to the fields of memory and cognitive ageing. Individual chapter authors, who comprise many of the leading researchers in these areas, present summaries of their work to support or illustrate Craik's theories or to offer different viewpoints. Each of the four parts of the book starts with an introductory chapter and finishes with a commentary. Reading the four introductory chapters and final commentaries provides an excellent overview of the current debates on memory and ageing. This in itself makes the book well suited for use as a reference source. The goals of this volume was "to reflect on the past and to evaluate the current status of the various issues that have been of interest to Craik throughout his career" and "to discuss future directions of concepts and ideas related to human memory and cognitive aging." I think both goals have been achieved. In addition to being a great homage to Fergus Craik, this is a comprehensive book on memory and ageing, and will serve as an invaluable reference source for researchers working in the field.

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