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Humanity Inc.

Healthcare company that aims to extend the healthspan of humanity.

Humanity is a healthcare company that aims to extend the healthspan of humanity. It develops a software application designed to provide information on how to stop the aging process. The company's service allows people to try different interventions and solutions to help move those biomarkers in a positive direction and thus reduce, and in some cases, stop the loss of function and thus the aging damage.

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People at Humanity Inc.

Company Representative

Entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of Humanity

Company Representative

Co-Founder of Humanity Inc.

Humanity Inc. News

Humanity Inc app launches initially in UK - determines your rate of ageing

TechCrunch - 04-Aug-2021

Produces personalised tips by comparing phone/wearables data with UK Biobank


Humanity health app to track and slow down your ageing process

TechCrunch - 20-Aug-2020

App that monitors both digital and biomedical markers, sets for launch in 2021