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MDI Biological Laboratory

Non-profit biomedical research institution improving human health

MDI Biological Laboratory was established with the belief that removing obstacles to biomedical discovery and development leads to faster, bolder discoveries and solutions. The Institution’s expert, interdisciplinary faculty utilizes multiple genetically tractable model organisms and diverse cell systems to define mechanisms of tissue repair and regeneration and characterize changes that occur in cells and tissues with disease and aging. This approach speeds the discovery process, greatly reduces research costs, and provides opportunities for identification of new drugs for improving human health.

We seek to improve human health by discovering novel mechanisms of tissue repair, aging and regeneration. We translate our discoveries for the benefit of medicine and society and are dedicated to developing the next generation of scientific leaders through hands-on training. We utilize the most advanced scientific technology, computational techniques and comparative model systems to learn how to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration and delay the onset of age-related diseases.

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Details last updated 04-Feb-2019

People at MDI Biological Laboratory

James Godwin

Assistant Professor at The Jackson Laboratory/MDI Biological Laboratory.

James Coffman

Associate Professor, MDI Biological Laboratory

MDI Biological Laboratory News

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