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Ex-wife was accused of stealing frozen bodies - possibly for revenge


Key points from article :

Danila Medvedev, 41, claims the transportation of the bodies was organized by his ex-wife Valeria Udalova, 61.

For stealing brains and frozen cadavers of wealthy people hoping to be 'brought back to life.'

Police intercepted trucks with cryogenic patients in Dewar tanks full of liquid nitrogen at KrioRus.

Some of the corpses stolen belonged to wealthy Americans and Brits, according to The Times.

KrioRus estimates that it has preserved over 80 remains, including brains and full bodies.

It is still unclear whether the transportation of the cadavers and brains damaged any chances of revival.

Nitrogen inside the tanks was spilled, caused human remains to reach higher than desired temperatures.

Full body cryopreservation is estimated to cost around $35,000 and brain costs around $15,000.

Freezing the brain or body keeps from naturally going through the decomposition process after death.

An investigation is still ongoing but the cadavers have been returned to the facility.

Cryopreservation protects the dead body from decomposition process after death.

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