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Cardiovascular disease risk and mortality reduced with healthy lifestyle

It's never too late to change your lifestyle, but for best results, the sooner the better


Key points from article :

AHA recommended a renewed focus on prevention to reduce the development of risk for CVD.

Goal is to improve population cardiovascular health (CVH) by 20%, reduce CVD mortality by 20%.

Key is to lead a healthy lifestyle during midlife, the longer the lesser risks.

Data of participants for 16 years assessed for development of diseases or death.

For each 5-year period they had ideal CVH, they were less likely to develop certain diseases.

33 % less for hypertension, 25% less for diabetes, kidney disease and CVD.

Also 14 % less likely to die compared with those having poor CVH.

Findings underscore importance of promoting healthy behaviors throughout the life-course.

Research by Boston University School of Medicine, published in JAMA Cardiology.

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American Heart Association

Non-profit US organization that funds cardiovascular medical research

Framingham Heart Study (FHS)

Cardiovascular cohort study

JAMA Cardiology

Monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering cardiology, Mar20

Vanessa Xanthakis

Assistant professor of medicine at BUSM and Investigator for FHS

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