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The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

One of the world’s most influential cancer research organizations

The ICR is led by Chief Executive Professor Kristian Helin — known for his pioneering scientific discoveries in cancer epigenetics.

We are world leaders in identifying cancer genesdiscovering cancer drugs and developing precision radiotherapy.

Together with our hospital partner The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, we are rated as one of the top centres for cancer research and treatment worldwide.

As well as being as world-class research institute, the ICR is a higher education institution and a member institution of the University of London. We came top in the league table of university research quality compiled from the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014).

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Details last updated 04-Feb-2019

People at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

Trevor Graham

Director of the Centre for Evolution and Cancer at the ICR

Rosalind Eeles

Professor of Oncogenetics at The Institute of Cancer Research

Kevin Harrington

Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Professor specializes in Biological Cancer Therapies, head and neck cancer, immunotherapy

Nicholas Turner

Academic Consultant Medical Oncologist specialised in breast cancer treatment

Chris Lord

Professor of cancer genomics at the ICR

Rajesh Chopra

Head of the Division of Cancer Therapeutics, Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital.

David Dearnaley

Professor of uro-oncology at the ICR.

Alan Melcher

Professor of Translational Immunotherapy at The Institute of Cancer Research.

Nicola Valeri

Team Leader of Gastrointestinal Cancer Biology and Genomics at The Institute Of Cancer Research.

Andrea Sottoriva

Professor of Cancer Genomics & Evolution and Deputy Director of the Centre for Evolution and Cancer.

Yinyin Yuan

Team leader at Institute of Cancer Research, London.

Paul Workman

Chief Executive and President of The Institute of Cancer Research.

Rob van Montfort

Team Leader Hit Discovery and Structural Design at Institute of Cancer Research.

Johann de Bono

Consultant at the Institute of Cancer Research

The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) News

AI can predict how early breast cancer patients might respond to their treatments

Durham University - 09-Feb-2024

This could lead to more personalised treatment plans and better outcomes


AI model shows promise in speeding up cancer detection and diagnosis

The Guardian - 30-Apr-2023

Potential to fast-track patients to treatment and streamline CT scan analysis


Scientists unveil role of genomic 'dark matter' in cancer detection and treatment

BBC - 27-Oct-2022

Early but promising finding that epigenetic changes alter the growth of cancer cells


Genetically modified virus killed cancer cells in early human trials

BBC - 23-Sep-2022

Weakened form of herpes virus showed promising results for various advanced cancers


New missile-like radioactive therapy treats prostate cancer

The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) - 03-Jun-2021

Precisely targeted therapy shrank tumours and extends life by 38% in men


New cancer drug shrinks tumour in phase 1 trial

BBC - 23-Jun-2020

Indeed a new precision approach sparing healthy cells


The switch from chemotherapy to hormone treatments for prostate cancer

BBC - 06-May-2020

A safer and more immune-friendly precision-medicine approach for cancer


Clinical trials now up for Exscientia's world first AI-made drug

pharmaphorum - 30-Jan-2020

Partnering with Japan's DSP, a milestone is reached in OCD treatment


A new and innovative way of delivering targeted chemotherapy to cancer tumours

BBC - 18-Dec-2019

Improving effectiveness with reduced side effects - fingers crossed for this first-in-person trial


An effective immunotherapy for advanced prostate cancer

BBC - 28-Nov-2019

Only 5% saw their tumours shrink, but may be more successful if used earlier


Pembrolizumab: effective immunotherapy for advanced head and neck cancer

BBC - 23-Nov-2019

Needs to identify those who will respond to treatment before starting immunotherapy


New drug slowed tumour growth in men with prostate cancer

BBC - 30-Sep-2019

Olaparib delays cancer growth by months, which means the increased lifespan


Discovering the structure of cancer molecule can be the key for new treatment

Medical News Today - 16-Sep-2019

By determining the DHX8's structure, scientists could discover new ways of cancer treatment


New class of drug destroys, not just inhibits, proteins

Nature - 20-Mar-2019

Cancer targeted first, but could clear out age-related proteins in future


Drug attacks cancers cells using trojan horse antibody

Independent - 08-Feb-2019

Novel mechanisms for attacking cancer cells are always good news


AI detects misshapen nuclei that indicate ovarian cancer

Independent - 12-Jan-2019

Once trained artificial intelligence is almost aways going to be more reliable than humans


Mini-tumours created to battle cancer

BBC - 22-Feb-2018

Biopsies were taken and grown into miniature 3D cancerous organs in the lab. 100% accurate at te...


New prostate cancer treatment for previously incurable men

Telegraph - 26-Sep-2017

Highly targeted form of radiotherapy shapes radiation beams to tumours. When prostate cancer has...


Blood test detects cancer relapse

BBC - 27-Aug-2015

DNA mutation of individual tumour analysed when removed. Regular tests then searched for unique D...


Nine out of ten male prostate cancer sufferers could be treated

Independent - 21-May-2015

Study finds prostate cancer is not one disease but several – enabling personalised treatments usi...