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Antihypertensive drugs have survival benefits even in frail elderly


Key points from article :

Taking blood pressure medication as prescribed improves survival even in frailest elderly.

With good compliance 44% less likely to die within next 7 years if they started in good health.

33% less likely to die within next 7 years if they started in very poor health.

Greatest survival benefit was among the people who started in good health.

Should encourage and support patients to take their medications, because adherence is crucial.

Retrospective analysis of 1.3 million people aged 65 and older in northern Italy on at least 3 drugs.

Research by University of Milano-Bicocca, published in the journal Hypertension.

But in some countries due to high cost elderly people may not be able to afford these drugs

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Emeritus Professor of Medicine at University of Milano-Bicocca


Scientific journal covering all aspects of research on hypertension.


Public research university.