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Health equals wealth: How can the UK and Europe work together towards healthy ageing?

ILC UK hosted virtual event exploring how the EU and UK can work together on healthy ageing


The UK has a common opportunity with Europe to invest in healthy ageing as we come out of the pandemic. Fostering active and healthy ageing with a focus on self-care, can  take the burden off health systems, while allowing older people to continue enjoying life and make important contributions to their families, communities, and societies.

Both the UK and EU have made commitments towards supporting healthy ageing, from the EU’s Green Paper on Ageing to the UK’s Healthy Ageing Paper. But what happens next? How do we maximise these opportunities going forward, and build-back from the pandemic?

DIT and ILC will be hosting this high-level discussion webinar with leading UK and EU experts to discuss what it means to age healthily and how the UK and EU can collaborate on supporting healthy ageing.

Speakers include:

- George MacGinnis, Healthy Ageing Challenge Director, UK Research and Innovation (Facilitator)

- David Sinclair, Director, ILC

- Linda Magee, PhD OBE, Health Innovation and NHS Specialist, Department for International Trade

- Nic Palmarini, Director, National Innovation Centre for Ageing

- Manfred Huber, Coordinator, Healthy Ageing, Disability and Long-term Care, WHO Regional Office for Europe

Visit website:

See also: Institute International Longevity Centre UK - UK’s specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society, and what happens next

Details last updated 05-Nov-2021

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Mentioned in this Resource

David Sinclair

Chief Executive at International Longevity Centre UK

George MacGinnis

Healthy Ageing Challenge Director at Innovate UK.

Linda Magee

Health Innovation and NHS Specialist at Department for International Trade

Manfred Huber

Coordinator for Healthy Ageing and Disability and Long-term Care at WHO Regional Office for Europe

Nic Palmarini

Director at UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing

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