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George Kuchel

Director of the University of Connecticut Center on Aging

Dr George Kuchel is Professor of Medicine, Travelers Chair and Director of the University of Connecticut Center on Aging.  This center brings together clinicians, educators, clinical investigators, basic scientists and researchers conducting health outcome/population studies who are all committed to the discovery of strategies for promoting independence and health in old age. Dr Kuchel’s research funded by NIH and other agencies is focused on Precision Gerontology, an approach designed to help older adults remain and healthy independent in a manner that is both individualized and guided by mechanisms. To that end, his work focuses on potentially-targetable pathways contributing to functional declines involving host defense, mobility, continence and cognition.

Research interests: Aging, Geriatric Medicine, Gerontology, Geroscience

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See also: Academia University of Connecticut (UConn) - Public research university.

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