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Genflow Biosciences

Developing medicines that potentially halt, slow or reverse the aging process

Genflow Biosciences plc is a UK based biotech company with R&D facilities in Belgium and a US office in Cambridge, MA, driven by one mission: to deliver therapeutics that potentially halt or slow the ageing process in humans and dogs.

The company’s lead compound works through the delivery of a centenarian variant of the SIRT6 gene and has yielded promising preclinical results.

Managed by an experienced team with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, the company is optimistic that development programs will continue at pace in the next 24 months.

Genflow Biosciences Executive Team

• Eric Leire, Founder and CEO

• Cedric Szpirer, Head of CMC

Genflow Biosciences Board Members

• Yassine Bendiabdallah, Chairman

• Eric Leire, Chief Executive Officer

• Guy Charles Fanneau de la Horie,  Non-executive director

• Peter King-Lewis, Non-executive director

• Tamara Joseph, Non-executive director

Genflow Biosciences Scientific Advisory Board

• Eric Verdin

• Vera Gorbunova

• Matthew Hirschey

• Manlio Vinciguerra

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Mentioned in this Resource

Cedric Szpirer

Managing Director and Owner at CSZbio, Head of CMC at Genflow Biosciences

Eric Leire

CEO of Genflow Biosciences and Executive Chairman of Immunethep

Eric Verdin

CEO & President at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Guy Charles Fanneau de la Horie

Independent Board member including Angels Santé and Genflow Biosciences

Manlio Vinciguerra

Principal Investigator at the International Clinical Research Center (Czech Republic)

Matthew Hirschey

Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology & Cancer Biology at Duke University

Peter King-Lewis

Medical Director and Co-Founder at MaMedica and Non-executive director at Genflow Biosciences

Tamara Joseph

Chief Legal Officer at Spero Therapeutics and Non-executive director at Genflow Biosciences

Vera Gorbunova

Co-director Rochester Aging Research Center

Yassine Bendiabdallah

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Zen Healthcare

Genflow Biosciences Blog Posts

Genflow Seeks Investors for Novel SIRT6 DNA Repair Anti-Ageing Therapy

Genflow Seeks Investors for Novel SIRT6 DNA Repair Anti-Ageing Therapy

Great to see a startup willing to explicitly state they are treating ageing itself as a disease

Other people at Genflow Biosciences

Jeneva Patterson

Practice Leader at Center for Creative Leadership and board member of Genflow Biosciences

Tongtis Tongyai

Director of the Perfect Woman Institute IVF clinic

Genflow Biosciences News

Genflow's sirtuin gene therapy can make old liver young again

Longevity Technology - 29-Mar-2022

Currently exploring the SIRT6 potential with University of Rochester’s Aging Research Center


Genflow IPO listing: the first longevity firm to debut on London Stock Exchange

Longevity Technology - 10-Jan-2022

Seeking funds to develop gene therapies that target ageing in humans and dogs


SIRT6 variant plays a major role in preventing the aging process

Longevity Technology - 17-Aug-2021

Novel gene therapies to prevent the accelerated aging process