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Genflow IPO listing: the first longevity firm to debut on London Stock Exchange


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Genflow Biosciences announced its intention to seek a listing on the London Stock Exchange.

It will be the first longevity biotechnology firm to list in Europe.

LSE is expected to happen in the next few weeks and will value the company at around £23.4m.

“...will unlock value for investors whilst creating real change for the better to people’s lives in this exciting sector.” - Eric Leire, Genflow founder and CEO.

Funds will support development of gene therapies aimed at tackling aging and age-related diseases in humans and dogs.

Genetically modified adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors deliver copies of the SIRT6 gene variant found in centenarians.

It will initially look at four of the nine hallmarks, rather than just one.

“To develop our lead compound, GF-1002, that has already yielded encouraging pre-clinical results.”

“Currently undertaking pre-clinical trials which are expected to take approximately two years.”

Genflow’s aim is to show that SIRT6 can improve healthspan and potentially lifespan.

Seeking funds to develop gene therapies that target ageing in humans and dogs

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Company Representative

CEO of Genflow Biosciences and Executive Chairman of Immunethep


Developing medicines that potentially halt, slow or reverse the aging process