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European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

Addressing Causes and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology (EJPC), the official journal of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology, embraces all scientific, clinical and public health disciplines that address the causes and prevention of cardiovascular disease, as well as cardiovascular rehabilitation and exercise physiology.

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European Journal of Preventive Cardiology News

Walking just 4000 steps each day can lower the risk of premature death

BBC - 09-Aug-2023

Experts suggest incorporating regular walks in daily activities help boost health and longevity


Live longer with good health by drinking ground coffee every day

Independent - 10-Feb-2022

Instant coffee had no such benefits but contains twice the amount of possibly harmful acrylamide


Burnout due to chronic workplace stress will make your heart beat irregularly

Huffington Post - 14-Jan-2020

Don't fall into unhealthy habits, have a reliable support system


Habitual green tea consumption is good for your health

News Medical - 10-Jan-2020

Data numbers confirmed over the years state green teas benefits on our health


Tooth brushing as a way of preventing heart failure

Independent - 02-Dec-2019

It's too early to use toothbrushing for the prevention of AF, because of the study limitations