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Young blood medicine maker for body rejuvenation.

Elevian develops regenerative medicines that target root-cause aging mechanisms. We are a spin out from Harvard, led by a team of serial entrepreneurs and Harvard scientists.

Elevian’s founders have identified blood factors that regulate aging and stimulate the body’s natural repair and regeneration mechanisms. One well published example, GDF11, reduces age-related cardiac hypertrophy, accelerates skeletal muscle repair, and improves cognitive function in aged mammals. We are developing biotherapeutics that regulate these blood factors.

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Details last updated 12-Nov-2019

Elevian Blog Posts

Ambrosia Plasma relaunches - announces improvement in key ageing biomarkers

Ambrosia Plasma relaunches - announces improvement in key ageing biomarkers

The Club interviews Jesse Karmazin, CEO, to find out more about the trial, the FDA warning, and the relaunch

People at Elevian

Mark Allen

Co-Founder and CEO at Elevian

Suzanne Fletcher

Investor, entrepreneurial community builder, advocate

Elevian News

Reason reports back from October's Rejuvenation Startup Summit

Fight Aging! - 19-Oct-2022

Some really exciting developments with quite a few in clinical trials


Elevian has secured $40 million for anti-aging diseases and heart stroke

FierceBiotech - 17-Sep-2021

$40 million for clinical research, lead program-stroke recovery focuses GDF11


Elevian raises $15M in preclinical work towards clinical antiaging

FierceBiotech - 24-Nov-2020

rGDF11 in clinic targets multiple age related disease therapies


Elevian raises $5.5 million in seed funding

MIT Technology Review - 06-Sep-2018

Investigating ability of GDF11 to rejuvenate the body


Young blood as a key to living longer

Wired - 09-May-2018

GDF11 is a protein in the blood, which can stimulate cell growth and repair

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