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Elevian has secured $40 million for anti-aging diseases and heart stroke

$40 million for clinical research, lead program-stroke recovery focuses GDF11


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The biotech raised $40 million to bankroll studies based on research that emerged from Harvard in the early 2010s, into clinics. (American Heart Association)

The Series A proceeds will fund phase 1 trials for Elevian's lead program in stroke recovery, slated to begin in early 2023, said co-founder Mark Allen.

Elevian's core program focuses on the growth differentiation factor 11, or GDF11, a protein that restores the body's natural regenerative capacity. 

"While the molecule appears to have very broad regenerative effects and anti-aging effects, there's no regulatory path for aging", Allen added.

Elevian's lead asset hopes to improve the healing response in patients who have had strokes. 

Preclinical data on GDF11 treatments show improved recovery after stroke via enhanced vascular repair, reduced inflammation and sparking formation of new neurons in the brain, Elevian said. 

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American Heart Association

Non-profit US organization that funds cardiovascular medical research


Young blood medicine maker for body rejuvenation.

Mark Allen

Co-Founder and CEO at Elevian

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