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Company that provides a range of nootropics and supplements for better sleep.

BrainExcell Limited specialise in premium quality, all natural nootropics. Working with professional nutritionists and referencing countless scientific and academic studies, BrainExcell's nootropic supplements represent the pinnacle of all natural cognitive enhancement. Each supplement is made in the UK, using 100% natural ingredients taken from gluten free, vegetarian, non-GMO sources.

BrainExcell FOCUS is the ultimate natural nootropic stack, containing a unique combination of 18 natural ingredients. Each of the ingredients in FOCUS was chosen specifically for its proven ability to enhance concentration, memory and learning. The exact dose of each ingredient was carefully balanced to create a nootropic greater than the sum of its parts, where individual ingredients work together for maximum cognitive benefit.

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People at BrainExcell

Ryan Maguire

Founder of BrainExcell.

BrainExcell News

BrainExcell Announce New Natural Nootropic Stack

Daily Telescope - 31-Dec-2017

As a result of Ryan Maguires' two year work he created natural cognitive enhancers FOCUS and SLEE...