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Ryan Maguire

Founder of BrainExcell.

Entrepeneur Ryan Maguire created Brainexcell to help people unlock their full potential. As someone who runs multiple companies, he's always looking for ways to improve his performance, and he spotted a gap in the market for nootropics supplements that use only natural ingredients to enhance mental and physical capacities.

So far his team has used data from over 80 scientific journals to create two products: the nootropic brain booster pill FOCUS- which helps the user to concentrate during the day- and the natural sleep remedy, SLEEP- which helps the user wind down in the evening.

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Ryan Maguire News

BrainExcell Announce New Natural Nootropic Stack

Daily Telescope - 31-Dec-2017

As a result of Ryan Maguires' two year work he created natural cognitive enhancers FOCUS and SLEE...