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The Longevity Forum

UK not-for-profit initiative committed to achieving longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives

The Longevity Forum is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to promote longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives for as many people as possible.

The Forum was founded in 2018 by Prof. Andrew Scott, Jim Mellon and Dafina Grapci-Penney on the belief that increased longevity presents a significant opportunity which requires a radical rethink of how we approach all of life.

A step change in life expectancy, which is already underway and is being driven by both scientific and technological progress, will have vast implications for individuals, corporates, governments and society as a whole.

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Details last updated 13-Jul-2020

The Longevity Forum Creations

Longevity Week 2023

13-Nov-2023 to 17-Nov-2023

Organised by the Longevity Forum - more details coming

Longevity Week 2022

14-Nov-2022 to 18-Nov-2022

Organised by the Longevity Forum - more details coming

People at The Longevity Forum

Andrew Scott

Professor of Economics at London Business School, Co-founder of The Longevity Forum

The Longevity Forum News

Pandemic made Britons less optimistic towards living to a 100 years as compared to those in 2019

Ipsos - 14-Nov-2022

We need much more public education that living longer, healthier lives is just round the corner


Interdisciplinary forum on longevity urges policy rethink

Forbes - 24-Dec-2019

Good to see pressure starting to build to handle the coming fundamental changes to society