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Alex Vikoulov

Futurist, author and CEO of Ecstadelic Media Group

Alex M. Vikoulov is a futurist, evolutionary cyberneticist, philosopher of mind, media commentator, painter and author. Self-described neo-transcendentalist, transhumanist singularitarian who lives in Burlingame, CA.

Economist by training, philosopher by vocation, in his words, "worked in the corporate world, worked in the startup world, sat on the boards, sat on the beach, was employed, was self-employed, was a venture capitalist, was an 'adventure' capitalist," while his passion towards physics and philosophy slowly but surely was brewing in the background.

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See also: Publisher Ecstadelic Media Group - Digital Media and Publishing Company covering Intelligence Supernova, Transhumanism, Singularity, Syntellect Emergence

Alex Vikoulov Creations

The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind's Evolution


Discusses the ultimate nature of reality, consciousness, philosophy of mind, transhumanism, and more

Alex Vikoulov News

Alex Vikoulov summarises his Syntellect Hypothesis

Alex Vikoulov Blog - 22-Jun-2020

Adapted from his new book that discuses cybernetic immortality