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A Spotlight on the Latest Research and Innovation In Ageing, Longevity, and Data

Event about latest research and innovation in ageing organized by OBN (FREE)


We are pleased to announce details of our next OBN BioTuesday on 24 May hosted at The Catalyst​ in Newcastle - a beacon for data and healthy ageing innovation and home to both the UK's National Innovation Centre for the Ageing and the National Innovation Centre for Data, both hosted and funded by Newcastle University​ in partnership with UK Government.

In the last fifty years, life expectancy has increased dramatically thanks to advances in science, medicine, and public awareness. The population is living longer, but with it coming the challenge of improving Healthy Life Expectancy. This thriving ecosystem in Newcastle is at the very heart of driving research and creating solutions in the ageing and longevity space.

During this event, which will be presented both in-person and streamed live to a virtual audience, we will hear an update about the work and focus of Newcastle University in addressing the national and global challenges associated with an ageing population.

Keynote presenters on the night include:

- Professor David Burn, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Newcastle University​ will share an insight into the latest age-related disease research at Newcastle University.

- Professor Nic Palmarini, Director of the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing​who help businesses harness the opportunities related to the longevity economy through human experience, ethics, data, collaboration, emerging technologies & innovative business model

- Professor Paul Watson, Director of the National Innovation Centre for Data​ will share an update on how the NICD are helping organisations to innovate through data, as well as how their own research on sensors and data analysis are addressing the problems of ageing.

We will also hear a series of presentations from some of the most innovative companies in the Ageing, Longevity and Data in the North East Region, including:

- Mike Trenell, Founder & CEO of Changing Health​, who have developed a digital tools that provide those with chronic health conditions (such as diabetes, obesity and cancer) access to education, one-to-one advice, health tracking and decision informing advice - Mike is also an Honorary Professor of Digital Medicine at Newcastle University, UK

- Nina Lauch, CEO of GlycanAge​ who provide tailored health advice based on the glycobiology of its users - and is the only biological age test that accurately measures the users unique response to lifestyle change.

- MDNA Life Sciences​ who's scientific teams have pioneered research into mitochondrial biology and genomics, to develop a range of innovative molecular tests to help detect hard to diagnose disease.

- David Weinkove, CEO/CSO of Magnitude Biosciences ​who provide a specialist service rapidly screening compounds for toxicity and their potential impact on longevity and age-related diseases using C.elegans and an automated imaging system.

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Mentioned in this Resource

David Burn

Pro-Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Professor of Movement Disorder Neurology at Newcastle University

David Weinkove

CSO at Magnitude Biosciences and Associate Professor at Durham University

MDNA Life Sciences

Company that is pioneer in the science of mitochondrial DNA

Mike Trenell

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at the Changing Health

Nic Palmarini

Director at UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing

Nikolina Lauc

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GlycanAge

Paul Watson

Director of the National Innovation Centre for Data and Professor of Computer Science at Newcastle University