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Synthetic Biology Resources

The Live Forever Club collates details of as many people, organisation and things regarding Synthetic Biology. Click through on any resource below to discover more about it.

Synthetic Biology Creations

Audio Kate Adamala on Creating Synthetic Life - Sean Carroll podcast helps to define the boundary of the chemistry of life

Synthetic Biology Books

Book Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity - Explores how the genetic revolution will transform us, our species and our world - Amazon

Book Life at the Speed of Light: From the Double Helix to the Dawn of Digital Life - Book about synthetic genomics written by J. Craig Venter - Amazon

Book The Emergence of Life: From Chemical Origins to Synthetic Biology - The book gives an exhaustive treatment of the biophysical properties of vesicles written by Pier Luigi Luisi - Amazon

Synthetic Biology Organisations

Synthetic Biology Companies

Company - Human cell coding company

Company Cobra Biologics - Company that is providing a biologics and pharmaceuticals services

Company Nuclera - Nuclera makes biology accessible through desktop enzymatic protein and gene synthesis

Company Synlogic - Company designing Synthetic Biotic medicines.