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Human cell coding company is an award-winning synthetic biology enterprise, coding human cells for health. The company's aim is to develop a platform capable of producing consistent batches of every human cell. A scalable platform of consistent cells will also be the basis for a new generation of cell and tissue therapies.

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Details last updated 12-Apr-2021

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Mark Kotter

Neurosurgeon, stem cell biologist and founder of News reveals early pipeline of regenerative medicine candidates

Endpoints News - 08-Nov-2023

Lead program bbHEP01 targets severe acute liver failure, with phase I trial planned for 2025


Synthetic human cells revolution: achieves mass production breakthrough

iNews - 15-Jun-2023

Paves way for potential medical research, organ manufacturing and disease treatment advances


Bit Bio secures $41.5 M funding to produce human cells

Biospace - 15-Jun-2020

UK-based startup reprogramming stem cells to generate new cell therapies

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