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Ethics Resources

The Live Forever Club collates details of as many people, organisation and things regarding Ethics. Click through on any resource below to discover more about it.

Ethics Creations

Event Anticipating a sea-change in public attitude, with Dr Aubrey de Grey - How should people interested in the future help society prepare for that sea-change transition in attitude?

Book Checking Out - How would you react if you knew you could die suddenly, and probably would? - Amazon

Event Future of Ageing 2020: Together for tomorrow - Annual conference by the International Longevity Centre (virtual)

Book Suicide Club - How does society react when the vision of biological immortality has become reality, but has not yet fully arrived? - Amazon

Ethics People

Advocate Edwina Rogers - CEO of the Global Healthspan Policy Institute

Resource Martin Ellison - Professor of Economics, University of Oxford

Company Representative Peter Mills - Assistant Director at Nuffield Council on Bioethics with focus on genome editing

Ethics Organisations

Academia Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) - Multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford

Institute International Longevity Centre UK - UK’s specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society, and what happens next

Institute Nuffield Council on Bioethics - Independent body that examines and reports on ethical issues in biology and medicine

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