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Ethics Resources

The Live Forever Club collates details of as many people, organisation and things regarding Ethics. Click through on any resource below to discover more about it.

Ethics Creations

Video Asking parliament how ageing research advances affect policy - Adrian Cull asks whether the UK parliament has looked into the rapid progress in ageing research and longevity treatments

Video Why Political Action Matters for Longevity - Dylan Livingston at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2022 - Dylan Livingston of the Alliance for Longevity Initiatives explains why political longevity activism needs to exist (YouTube)

Ethics Books

Book Aging in World History - In Aging in World History, author David G. Troyansky presents the first global history of aging - Amazon

Book Altered Inheritance: CRISPR and the Ethics of Human Genome Editing - Insights into the scientific, ethical, and political implications of human genome editing written by Françoise Baylis - Amazon

Book Checking Out - How would you react if you knew you could die suddenly, and probably would, written by Nick Spalding - Amazon

Book Live Forever Manual - Adrian Cull explores the rapidly expanding life extension industry - Amazon

Book Reality+ - Virtual Worlds and the Problems of Philosophy, a book written by David Chalmers - Amazon

Book Suicide Club - How does society react when the vision of biological immortality has become reality, but has not yet fully arrived, written by Rachel Heng - Amazon

Book The Case Against Death - Book written by philosopher Ingemar Patrick Linden - Amazon

Book The Longevity Imperative - How to Build a Healthier and More Productive Society to Support Our Longer Lives, written by Andrew Scott - Amazon

Ethics Events

Event A4LI Virtual Policy Discussion - Online event by The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives hosting political insiders advancing policy to support longevity

Event CULS Webinar: Andrew J. Scott - Online webinar by Cambridge University Longevity Society with Andrew J Scott, Professor of Economics at LSE and author of "The 100 Year Life"

Event Fireside Chat with FDA Commissioner Robert Califf on Healthy Longevity - Inaugural session of Kitalys Institute's Targeting Healthy Longevity 2023 virtual conference, 03-May-23 (FREE)

Event Future of Ageing 2022: A vision for the next 25 years - Annual conference by the International Longevity Centre

Event Global Healthspan Summit 2023 - Longevity summit organised by Hevolution Foundation (Riyadh,Saudi Arabia)

Event Global launch: Delivering prevention in an ageing world - Event about prevention in an ageing organized by International Longevity Centre UK

Event Human cryopreservation: the key legal and policy issues - Online event about human cryopreservation organized by London Futurists with Jordi Sandalinas as a main speaker (FREE)

Event Longevity Cafe : Ethics of Life Extension - Coffee and Chat - The club's Longevity Cafe Meetup group will be discussing ethics of longevity (FREE)

Event Longevity Policy - Coffee and Chat (London) - Longevity Cafe Meetup to discuss what government policies should be campaigned for

Event Longevity State Conference 2024 - Conference about longevity, its social changes and aging organised by Vitalism Foundation (Cofrentes, Spain)

Event Longevity Week 2022 - Organised by the Longevity Forum - more details coming

Event The future of thinking about death - Philosopher Ingemar Patrick Linden talks about his new book, The Case Against Death, at this London Futurists online event (FREE)

Event Tokyo Longevity Summit - Accelerate the Longevity revolution summit organised by Vitalism Foundation (Tokyo, Japan)

Ethics People

Resource Apostolos Tsiachristas - Associate Professor at University of Oxford

Ethics Organisations

Institute Healthy Longevity Medicine Society (HLMS) - Medical society with focus on promoting longevity as a specialty area of modern healthcare

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