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Automation improves chances of human survival

So assume we're all healthy, living forever individuals - we still need to survive natural (or not-so-natural) catastrophes. The slow burning one at the moment is climate change but also water and resource availability.

Filling up the kettle for 1.5 cups of tea (this a factual blog, not a personal one, so won't explain the 1.5 requirement!) I always wonder if there would be a better way to make sure I'm putting in just the right amount of water - anything more wastes electricity heating something up only to let it cool back down.

Fortunately in the future automation and robotics should solve a lot of similar problems - if I ask my robot house keeper to make 1.5 cups of tea (assuming it's AI and not restricted by a programmers choice of integer data type) then it will use exactly the right amount of water. This will apply to a myriad of wasteful activities - for example driving where human drivers are far more likely to stop and start excessively whereas self drive cards would be designed to be as fuel efficient as possible. Technology is already helping with traffic aware satnavs that prevents 1000s of people sat idling their engines in traffic jams, better route planning for cargo as well as lorries with retractable axles that save unnecessary wearing.

Basically its Monday morning and I'm already feeling positive that the exponential growth in technology will help humankind survive as whole as well as individuals.

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