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Youthful stem cells delayed ageing through their secretions in mice


Key points from article :

Mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue (ADSCs) reverse some effects of aging in nearby cells.

Viable, youthful stem cells confers a benefit to aged cells due to their secretion effects.

Researchers tested embryonic cells derived from mice, measuring their viability when co-cultured along with ADSCs.

Presence of ADSCs significantly decreased the senescence biomarkers of SA-ß-gal, p16, p53, and p21.

Metabolism was slowed down somewhat, and the cells’ metabolic profile was significantly altered.

Co-culture with ADSCs removed damaged mitochondria and thus reduced harmful reactive oxygen species.

When given regular injections of ADSCs, mice with mitochondrial dysfunction had increased mitophagy and cellular senescence like normal, wild-type mice.

If this treatment pass human clinical trials, it would almost certainly assist in combating stem cell exhaustion, mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular senescence as well.

Study by China Medical University published in FASEB journal.

Potential stem cell treatment for age-related diseases, if succeded in human trials

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