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Youthful gut microbiome rejuvenates ageing immune system


Key points from article :

Microbiome plays a fundamental role in maturation, function, and regulation of the host immune system from birth to old age.

Composition of the gut microbiome changes with age, becoming less helpful and more inflammatory.

It is possible to produce some reversal of aspects of microbiome aging in mice by innoculation with flagellin.

Spurs the immune system to more aggressively destroy problematic gut microbes.

Immune aging is an important cause of harmful shifts in gut microbiome populations.

Targeting age-related dysbiosis can improve health- and lifespan, reducing systemic low-grade inflammation and immunosenescence.

Restoring gut microbial richness and function may represent a prophylactic measure.

Prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics or synbiotics to reinforce immunity have been tested in clinical settings.

Future strategies to reinforce or even rejuvenate the aging immune system.

Study by Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences published in Genes & Immunity.

Restoring gut microbial health can reverse declining age-related immune fitness

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