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YouthBio Therapeutics unveils its board, with João Pedro de Magalhães as CSO


Key points from article :

YouthBio focuses on developing gene therapies aimed at epigenetic rejuvenation.

Particularly with the help of partial reprogramming by Yamanaka factors.

The company was founded in early 2021 by Yuri Deigin (CEO) and Viet Ly (CFO).

Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães will be the company's CSO.

Dr. Alejandro Ocampo will serve as lead research collaborator.

Previously, Mr. Deigin has led several early-stage pharmaceutical startups.

Deigin is optimistic that "...major breakthroughs that will enable us to add decades of healthy life to people."

Viet Ly is an angel investor and entrepreneur.

"Exploiting cellular reprogramming ... may result in a paradigm shift in medicine," said de Magalhães.

Another company enters the cellular reprogramming race - hopefully at least one will cross the finishing line

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Alejandro Ocampo

Assistant Professor at University of Lausanne.

João Pedro de Magalhães

Professor of Molecular Biogerontology at University of Birmingham Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, consultant, futurist, speaker

Viet Ly

Co-founder and CFO at YouthBio Therapeutics and General Partner/ Fund Manager at Inception Capital

YouthBio Therapeutics

Developing rejuvenation gene therapies based on partial reprogramming by Yamanaka factors

Yuri Deigin

Co-founder and Director at YouthBio Therapeutics