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Why people should take up a career in the aging research industry

I think Victor is right, anti-aging is going to be the next big thing


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From a young age it seemed obvious that letting people die was wrong.

Elderly endure a degrading experience - a lack of independence while in constant pain.

They're essentially young people in need of repair.

Doctors just apply existing products but are ultimately powerless.

Rocket science is predictable and accurate - biology is messy and hard to replicate.

It is important to be highly skeptical and analytical.

In addition to biology, it is a good idea to know some computer science.

Aging research is going to create the next Amazons and Microsofts.

Studied at Uppsala University, now working at BioAge.

I am not going to leave this field until aging is completely defeated.

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Developing a broad pipeline of therapies to extend human healthspan and lifespan

Uppsala University

Public research university and Sweden's oldest university

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