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What was the International Longevity Alliance up to in 2020?


Key points from article :

ILA continued to promote research and advocacy for aging amelioration and healthy longevity.

Endorsed the joint petition to World Health Organization – “prioritise the needs of older people in its response to the covid-19 pandemic.”

ILA financed mouse test with senolytic treatments started and proceeded in Leipzig University.

A special research topic was included in the scientific journal Frontiers in Genetics, driven by ILA members and scientific advisors, concerning “Clinical evaluation criteria for aging and aging-related multimorbidity.”

Position paper “The Urgent Need for International Action for Anti-aging and Disease Prevention’ was published.

Supported the Slovenian Society for Vital Life Extension – organized an international conference on longevity research and advocacy.

Organized the International Longevity Day / Longevity Month - including an activism prize.

Grew to include 23 non-profit associations from 20 countries as federated members.

Yearly report of their activities including policy papers, senolytic research and an activism prize

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Facilitating faster development and implementation of life-extending technologies to ensure healthy longevity for all


Informing and educating general public about life extension


Specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health