What are the odds of living up to 100 years?


The survival probability of becoming a centenarian has been shown to be multifactorial.
Longevity is likely to be a polygenic trait, but ageing only 20-35% heritable.
Study aimed to examine likelihood of becoming a centenarian for adults aged 75 and up.
To also identify social and environmental correlates of healthy ageing and longevity.
More recent studies have demonstrated increasing declines in mortality with education.
Education was found to be negatively associated with becoming a centenarian.
Rapid advances in educational attainment in the last few generations may explain this.
Those who never married, or were widowed, or divorced/separated, more likely to become centenarians.
Those widowed in early life may no longer experience stresses associated with loss of partner.
Additionally, being white or female were positively correlated with reaching centenarian status.
Researchers from Washington State University.
Published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Study of environmental factors leading to becoming centenarian opposes previous literature

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Journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Open source journal covering public health, environmental health and sciences.

Academia Washington State University - Land-grant research university

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