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Wearable fitness trackers can cause anxiety to user


Key points from article :

Health apps, fitness tracker watches can boost feelings of anxiety, new study says.

Research examines the experiences of 27 heart patients who used Fitbit fitness watches.

Sleep, heart rates, and physical activity were measured.

"Overall, self-measurements are more problematic than beneficial.

This is what the study shows when it comes to the patient experience.

Patients begin to use the information from their Fitbits just as they would use a doctor.

However, they don’t get help interpreting their watch data, making them anxious.

Also examined patients with cardiac arrhythmia and pacemakers through 66 qualitative interviews.

Patients link the information from their fitness tracker to their heart disease.

This can create negative feelings, but can be calming when data shows favorable statistics.

Can motivate to exercise, but when recommended steps is not attained, makes them feel guilty.

Researchers from University of Copenhagen, published in Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Users need help interpreting data for devices like health watch to be effective

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